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See our app in action with the instructional video.

Open the app.

Capture an image of your fingernails.

Drag and drop red boxes to center of finger nail beds.

View your results immediately on the screen and track results over time.





AnemoCheck® Mobile

Hemoglobin testing at your fingertips.

AnemoCheck Mobile is the first smartphone application technology for completely non-invasive hemoglobin estimation.

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All it takes is an app.

AnemoCheck Mobile estimates your blood hemoglobin levels.

Our app empowers you to track your hemoglobin as it changes over time to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle you so can be the best you.

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Frequently asked questions

How does AnemoCheck Mobile work?

Pallor or paleness of nail beds correlates to hemoglobin level. We created an algorithm to detect pallor and estimate a hemoglobin level instantly. Learn more in our scientific journal publications articles here.

Does skin tone or lighting affect results?

Interestingly, the area under your nailbeds do not contain melanin, the main contributor to different skin tones. We tested it and found that skin tone has no impact on results, neither does background lighting provided you take the test inside.

Can I use the app with nail polish on?

No, please remove nail polish before using our app. Our app needs to see your nail beds to give a result.

Does it matter which hand I use?

Not at all! Feel free to use whichever hand you are comfortable with.

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Current Events

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June 1, 2020: 

The AnemoCheck Mobile Early Access Program is live. If you are
interested in participating, please contact us here. Physicians and healthcare providers please contact us here.

May 2020:

In light of the COVID19 pandemic and global shut down, we are
accelerating the release of AnemoCheck Mobile Early access program is expected to launch in June. Enabling quick access to wellness information at home is more important than ever. Stay safe everyone!

March 3, 2020:

Our CEO, Erika gave birth to her first child, Collin Ethan! 9 lbs, 7oz! Read more about how AnemoCheck helped her during her pregnancy.


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