AnemoCheck® Home Testing Kit

AnemoCheck Home is a 2-minute, disposable, color-based, self test for anemia screening. Requires less than a drop of blood. Disposable, affordable, and easy to use.

AnemoCheck Home will be the only FDA-cleared, over the counter test available for anemia screening. Together with our app, the tools can be used to confirm anemia and aid physicians in making clinical decisions about your health.

What's Included

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See It In Action

Each test requires less than half a drop of blood from a finger stick. Blood is collected into our capillary tube, then delivered to our test body with pre-filled test reagents.


After mixing and waiting for 2 minutes, the resulting color correlates to your hemoglobin level and matched to a color card. The test result is as accurate as clinical lab methods and afterwards, the test is completely disposable, similar to pregnancy tests.

How To Use



Sanitize finger and perform fingerstick with lancet included with the kit.



Collect blood into collection cap, completely filling the tube.


Cap & Mix

Connect test cap and body to lock. Shake for 5 seconds and wait 2 minutes for test to develop.



After 2-10 minutes, use our color card to visually match the solution color in the test vial to the color blocks on the color card. The color will directly correlate to your hemoglobin level.

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Current Events

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June 1, 2020: 

The AnemoCheck Mobile Early Access Program is live. If you are
interested in participating, please contact us here. Physicians and healthcare providers please contact us here.

May 2020:

In light of the COVID19 pandemic and global shut down, we are
accelerating the release of AnemoCheck Mobile Early access program is expected to launch in June. Enabling quick access to wellness information at home is more important than ever. Stay safe everyone!

March 3, 2020:

Our CEO, Erika gave birth to her first child, Collin Ethan! 9 lbs, 7oz! Read more about how AnemoCheck helped her during her pregnancy.


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